Top Blogs of 2011

It’s technically still 2011, and a lot of people are recapping their best blogs of the year. I couldn’t deprive you of such a blog, so here goes:

Most Viewed Blog of 2011 – Ancient Aliens

giorgio tsoukalosIt’s hard not to love this blog. Mostly because how could you not love Giorgio Tsoukalos? That guy’s hair makes that series. Both the hair and the series get weirder and weirder as it goes on. I recommend you watch a few episode for the hilarity alone.

Most Viewed Recipe of 2011 – Homemade Spaghetti Sauce with Fresh Tomatoes

Homemade Baked SpaghettiEveryone loves spaghetti, even vegetarians. This recipe is vegan, too. Except for the non-vegan cheese I threw on top. You know. Cheese is cheese. And vegan cheese is nasty as poo.

Most Popular Workout Review – Jillian Michaels’ Killer Buns & Thighs – Level 1 Review

Jillian MichaelsEveryone loves Jillian Michaels, right? And everyone loves a good workout. This is a combination of the two.  Needless to say, I liked the workout and so did my buns… and thighs.


Most Viewed “Debate” Blog of 2011 – The Underwear Debate

Super WedgieIt’s hard not to notice things about people when you’re exercising together. Especially when butts are in faces, and said butts are not covered by the glory of undies. Wear real undies when you work out, people.


Most Controversial Post of 2011 – Atlanta Botanical Garden’s ‘Garden Lights, Holiday Nights’

Atlanta Botanical GardenThough I didn’t publish the comments, people were really pissed off that I told them not to show up to an event I paid for (who cares if I got it at half price? I still paid money) with their cranky-ass kids. I stand by my position. You’re kid’s not going to remember how awesome the event was when he or she is obviously in need of bedtime.


So those are my top 5! How do they fare with you? What were favorite things written this year? (Not necessarily by me, I’m not that cocky)


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