“Olive Kitteridge” Book Review

Olive KitteridgeI’ve had a really hard time focusing on one book in the past few months. I’ve felt really scatterbrained, and probably started 5 different books. When a book gets to a lull, I start another. Needless to say, this has led to a lot of unfinished books sitting around my nightstand with bookmarks sticking out, getting chewed by naughty kittens.

Part of the reading problem is that Sean finished Atlas Shrugged and decided to take a hiatus from reading since he spent forever on that million-paged tome. This means that there wasn’t a lot of “couples reading time” available. Since Christmas came, Sean got a whole load of new books, so our reading has picked up again.

This week, I finished reading a great book called, Olive Kitteridge. This book was so interesting because instead of one solid story, it told the life of one women through multiple short stories about her, but also about how other people in her life experienced her. While chapters would be all about Olive, how she experienced life from her perspective, there would be stories from entire families’ different worlds with one mention of how Olive had impacted the people over the years she’d lived. It was an interesting way to tell a story, and yet you still get a great picture of the kind of person that Olive was.

Olive was a schoolteacher, and has since retired. Her husband, Henry, was a pharmacist and also retired. She had one son, Christopher. They lived in a small town in Maine, right on the harbor.

Not only was the story well-written in this manner, but it is also based on the life of a real woman! Written by Elizabeth Strout, the back of my edition had a question and answer session with the author and Olive herself! That was really gratifying to me. If you’re looking for a nice, easy read, I recommend this book.


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