Post-Surgery, Day 2

Sean and  headed home on Sunday. This was the morning after the late-night jaw smack off. We met Sean’s parents for breakfast, which means I had to wait until later in the morning to take pain meds. Sean’s dad said I looked pretty good since there was only swelling on the bottom-left side of my face and that there was no bruising. That made me feel good.

After breakfast we stopped by Sean’s parents so I could gargle and take my medicine. I drifted in and out of sleep along the way home. We finally got home around 3pm on Sunday afternoon. Finally. I’m really glad I have tomorrow off because the pain in my lower left jaw is still fairly excruciating, and the pain medication doesn’t exactly allow me to function in a work-capacity. My face is also a little more swollen than yesterday.

My cats were so happy to see me. And I was happy to see them. Now Sean and I are watching the Golden Globes and wondering how society lets certain people get this way… Some celebrities are just unrelatable.

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