Post-Surgery, Day 3

I’m glad I took Monday off, because the pain was pretty intense Monday morning. In the mornings it’s generally worse probably because it’s been 8 hours since I last took a pain med; I probably slept on my face funnily in some way; and the ice that made me feel so good at 8pm has fallen off my face sometime before 5 am.

I woke up and Sean made me eggs and toast with jam (because I begged). The eggs were easy peasy to eat, the toast took a good bit of an hour. It feels like I can only open my mouth a certain distance before my jaw/stitches area really hurts. Everything had gotten pretty close to normal except for my lower left side.

I think the Dr. had an especially hard time with that side because there are WAY more stitches on that side and it just hurts more. After breakfast, I took some medicine and fell asleep. Even the 600mg Ibuprofen makes me groggy/sleepy. I’m just a medication weenie like that. When I woke up, we had lunch and I took some more antibiotics. Then, Sir Sean, keeper of the Carolyn decided it would be good to let me out of the cave for a short walk.

Which I quickly turned into a long walk. It felt so good to be outside Monday afternoon. The weather wasn’t too chilly or windy. It was just nice. We kept passing by all these runners and the urge to jog was hard ti suppress. It probably helped that I was wearing jeans and a scarf. I really wanted to just pick up the pace and jog it out, though.

I miss being sweaty.

When we got home, we made dinner and I set up a meeting to get frozen yogurt with my favorite kickboxing instructor. I spent the rest of the night reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (almost done!) and preparing for my super-exciting upcoming surprise! I promise I’ll tell you guys more about this super-surprise after Saturday!

Monday wasn’t too bad a day in terms of pain, but then again, I managed to stay fairly medicated all day. Tuesday was a different story.

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