Post-Surgery, Day 4

Blargh! I’m resisting the urge to curse a lot in open forums where my mother might see how foul my mouth is. 1. Because my mouth pain is ridiculous for 4 days after surgery (or at least what I’d expected after a seemingly good past few days) and 2. Because now that I finally have some painkillers in my system, I just don’t care.

Tuesday was back to work, a given how easy Monday seemed, I felt comfy heading back to work. I took an Ibuprofen as soon as I got there, which kept the pain at a mild-to-moderate level most of the day. However, about 1pm the meds wore of totally and my face starting tingling/burning all up the left side up to my eye/ear.

Everything else is fine except that dastardly left side. At good times it feels like a dull aching cavity on my lower left side. At its worst, it feels like the left side of my face is being slowly ripped/burned off. (Please refer to my Iorek Byrnison reference of Post-Surgery, Day 1).

I thought I could get by on an Ibuprofen when I got home so that I’d be good to go for kickboxing tonight, but when the pain hadn’t subsided or even lessened an hour later. I resorted to the heavy stuff. I took a hydrocodone and quickly fell asleep. So much for working out.

My frustrations are building and I have nowhere to vent them. Except to poor Sean who has put up with quite a bit of unladylike crap on my end as I tend to be uncensored when on pain meds. Does anyone know when this stupid post-surgery pain will end? I figured it’d gone by Tuesday? Am I overestimating my body? Is this normal? Or am I just a weenie when it comes to surgery/pain and all that jazz?

2 thoughts on “Post-Surgery, Day 4

  1. I still have my wisdom teeth, so my input is probably not super valuable. I do know many people who have had theirs removed and they usually feel a bit better appx. 7 days post-op. Most of their mouth pain was due to the stretching of the mouth during the procedure and not so much from the tooth removal, so their doctors advised some heat therapy and it helped a little.

    1. Thanks for your advice! I tried using heat instead of cold at night, and I think it made a difference. If nothing else, it helped me fall asleep faster! Now that I’m over a week out I feel much better, and didn’t even wake up in terrible pain at 3am! Finally!

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