Welcome to Sunday

This week has been trying to say the least. After getting my wisdom teeth out last Friday, I’ve dealt with pain sensations I don’t think I’ve ever felt before: excruciating mouth pain, awkward jaw pain, terrible ear pain. All on that one side.

Slowly, though, the week has been getting better. I can finally say that I’ve finished my antibiotic and used up the last of my mega-ibuprofen. While I have lots of hydrocodone left, I am trying to only use that at night (because there’s nothing like waking up at 3am feeling like a semi-truck ran over on the left side of your face). Also, it makes me 1. whiny, 2. sleepy, and 3. not a very fun employee/girlfriend/human.

But I made it through to Saturday… the day I’ve been looking forward to for about two weeks now. Yesterday I attended Turbo Kick instructor training, which means I am now officially a Turbo Kick instructor! I still have a long way to go before I can teach a class: I need to learn the round, work on cueing, and practice, practice, practice. I’m hoping to start out in local churches or rec centers, etc. before maybe going to a gym to actually get paid to teach. Turbo Kick is a big dealio in Atlanta, and you have to be good or go home.

I got home Saturday night exhausted (from 6 solid hours of Turbo Kick) but super-excited about the potential that awaits me with this. I just have to stick with it and try and try and try to get better!

Wish me luck!


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