Finally Sunday

I love Sundays. Yesterday I was busy busy. Starting out with a bootcamp demonstration at a super-fancy golf club health expo. My kickboxing instructor asked me to come and even after just a 20 minute demo, I am most definitely sore the next day. She made us do tons of sqaut-jump-twists, push ups with one hand on a ball (soooo worbly), and lots of burpees.

Then after that, she invited my friend Mary and I to a Turbo Kick class at another fancy gym. After all that, I was ready for lunch and a nap.

Time for a cat nap!

Yesterday evening I met my friend Amy for dinner at this little French cafe near Dunwoody. It’s called Cafe Intermezzo. It’s supposed to be more for desserts than dinner, I think, though. I got strawberry mascarpone crepes and Amy got lobster ravioli. Mine was interesting. It was served cold with basil in it. Weird mixture of flavors considering the strawberry syrup they drizzled all over it. After half of one crepe, I just picked out the good parts of the second half.

This morning, Sean and I tried to sleep in but the cats were having none of it, as usual. We got up and made French Toast (what I wish I would have gotten at the restaurant last night). And then started on a carrot cake cupcake recipe Sean found last night. Whew. I should have waited to clean the kitchen till after that baking adventure.

We have a few errands to run (glass recycling, Lowe’s, etc.) and then today will be spent enjoying the nice weather and relaxing.

I hope your Sundays turn out just as lovely.


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