Test Drives

Along with re-sealing our windows, Sean and I spent Sunday afternoon car-browsing. Car shopping makes me nervous for many reasons.

  1. I don’t like the thought of spending a lot of money on a car that I may have to fix later on.
  2. I don’t like feeling like I’m getting schmoozed by car salesman.
  3. I HATE the nervous feeling of test-driving with the car salesman in the back (It’s not the car I’m used to and someone’s judging my driving skills).

Regardless, Sean and I went out to test-drive cars. Sean is adamant that I actually test drive cars I think look nice. It’s logical. But it still makes me nervous. In fact, Sean promised me frozen yogurt, movie night with Lilo & Stitch and popcorn with mini M&Ms if I would just test drive at least a few cars.

We started out at the Kia dealership. I’ve seen the new Kia Forte’s around town and in our apartment complex, and the seem like nice, safe, reasonably priced vehicles. I test drove the Kia Forte 5-door (or hatchback). I really liked it. Brand new it has A LOT of perks, but mostly A LOT of warranties. The dealer talked to Sean about most of the details, but I was really looking for cruise control, shiny interior and exterior, and a not too big body. It fit the bill pretty well.

Next we went down to the Ford dealership and I rode around in a Ford Fiesta. They’re the newest little addition to the Ford line-up (maybe their answer to the Honda Fit). The car seemed like a cheaper version of the newer Ford Focuses (Foci?). It didn’t have as much oomph as the Kia did (because it’s a smaller car), and the interior (as Sean said) looked shoddy. It was used too, with a much less impressive warranty.

The Ford man told us to go check out the Nissan Versas, but I didn’t bother test-driving that because I just wasn’t impressed.

What cars are you all into nowadays? What cars do you love and hate? Do you refuse to trade your car in?


One thought on “Test Drives

  1. Seriously–
    Buy USED, and buy foreign. Paying a dealership price for a new car is not worth it. I can’t emphasize that enough. Unless you just absolutely want it customized down to every last detail exactly how you want it….not worth it at all. You lose thousands in value as soon as you drive it off the lot. A Toyota or a Honda is always going to be a pretty reliable buy, and they generally last longer than domestic models, unfortunately. I’m a fan of the Honda Fit-esque models myself. My family has also had very good luck with Carmax, actually. They won’t negotiate much on the price but they definitely won’t sell you a clunker either….

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