So you know how I mentioned test driving cars yesterday? Well, today on my way home from work, my Kia Rio’s check engine light came on and my car started rumbling A LOT. I may be in the market for a new car sooner than I thought! I was really hoping to save more for a down payment, but I really don’t want to dump any more maintenance money into the Rio if I’m just going to sell it in a few months. Ya know?

Remember this?

I have a list of cars I like, but most are definitely outside my price range since my Rio will most likely poop out before I actually save enough for a good down payment on one of those expensive cars. Sean and I went looking Sunday afternoon, but I only test drove two cars and feel like I may miss something better (in terms of cars and price) if I don;t look around.

The thing is I’ve never done this before (car shopped). I mean technically I looked a little when I was 16 or so, but not with the real intention to buy. This time it’s for realz, and it’s giving me an anxiety attack. Sean will ask me serious questions about what I want in a car and all I can think of is a nice trunk and cruise control. Mitten Head, Pudge, and Tesla have no inclination, either. So I don’t know what I should do.

Does anyone have a car they just can’t live without? Or any advice they want to offer?


One thought on “Coincidence

  1. I just got a Toyota Corolla in July. I love, love, love, love everything about it. The way it drives, the gas mileage, the size, the interior (I got the mid level model and am very happy with everything), the reliability, and the warranty. My best friend has a Hyundai Elantra the she really likes and the Accent is supposed to be very nice all around as well. We both shopped at CarMax and were extremely pleased with the sale and the results. And as long as your old car runs they will offer you something for it.

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