15 Minute Upper Body Workout

It’s been a while since I posted a workout for you guys to check out. This upper body workout has been my go-to for a quick burn. I feel like it’s been pretty effective. Although since my wisdom teeth surgery on January 13th, my workout schedule has been thrown off.

So here it is. I found it on Fit Pro Workouts. It’s two circuits. You do three rounds of each, trying to maintain a pretty heavy weight. You don’t get results with three sets if you’re only lifting 3 and 5 pounds (unless you’re just beginning, like today’s your first day).

The website doesn’t mention it, but I always try to warm up my arms and core a little with arms swings, core twists, etc.

Set #1 – Repeat 3 times, Add weight each time if you like

  1. Alternating bicep curl (10-12 reps) – Here’s how to have good form with a bicep curl.
  2. Standing military press (10-15 reps) – Make sure you don’t lose the flexion when you bring your arms down. Bring them to about a 90 degree angle, elbows parallel to the floor.
  3. Tricep kickbacks (10-12 reps) – If you haven’t worked your triceps in a while, use a lower weight, or you’ll feel the strain in your shoulders.

Set #2 – Repeat 3 times, Add weight each time if you like

  1. Push-ups (15-20 reps) – Push-ups are the all-around upper body workout move. If you don’t have any equipment on hand, you can always do different variations of push-ups for a full upper body workout. But, whew, who wants to do that many push-ups?
  2. Concentration curls (10-15 reps) – This move works like a dumbbell curl but really focuses in on the bicep because you’re forcing the other muscles (that often try to take control during regular curls) to step aside. 
  3. Bent over dumbbell rows (10-15 reps) – These really work the upper back. Tank top season is on its way, right?

All these moves are quick and easy, but also really effective. Try to start your morning with a quick upper body workout. It’s only 15 minutes, right? That’s how long it takes to press the snooze button a few times! Just get out of bed and do it!

15 minute lower body and ab workouts to come!

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