The Bosu

Have I told you guys about my Bosu? Sean’s parents got it for me for Christmas this past year. It’s a half-dome, kind of like half of a yoga ball. Here’s a pic:

I LOVE the Bosu because it really helps you take classic (translation: boring) exercise moves like crunches, push ups, and squats and take them to the next level. Some of my instructors incorporate it into their classes (like boxing or weight lifting), and the YMCA even offers an all Bosu class. I still haven’t been to that one.

The thing about the Bosu is that it forces your muscles to balance which involves core contraction, the little muscles in your legs and arms firing, etc. It’s great if you’re looking to take a boring routine to the next level.

Here are some examples of awesome Bosu modifications:

Regular ab crunch:

Bosu ab crunch–WAY more flexion working the back and the upper and lower abs:


Regular push up:

Bosu push up:

Regular squat:

Bosu squat:


I totally recommend you try out the Bosu if you see one hanging out at your gym. Heck, you can come try mine if you want.


One thought on “The Bosu

  1. I use one pretty heavily when I warm up at the gym. I’d love to have one for myself, but they’re pricy. Worth it, definitely, but still pricy.

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