Top Super Bowl Commercials – First Half

What did you think? I wasn’t too impressed. That being said, I’m writing this at half time. My favorite commercials so far have definitely been the Coca Cola bears, maybe Doritos. Budweiser commercials have definitely been a let-down this year.

I thought the Lexus vampire commercial was a clever marketing idea, but I didn’t feel like it was the best commercial of the night. Similarly, the Doritos commercials were well thought out, but not excellently funny, I thought.

Here are some of the most interesting/funniest:

The new Chevy Sonic Stunts commercial:

I was excited just watching this. How fun! Imagine all the scientists/engineers and whatnot needed to make this. I felt the adrenaline while I watched! The car bungee jumping into the little pool was my favorite part.

Skechers Mr. Quiggly

Anyone who knows me KNOWS I would die for a French Bulldog. This is apparently the same Frenchie that makes me squee in Modern Family. Who doesn’t love a good dog commercial?

M&M Naked Dance Party

This one was just funny. I mean. Even Sean liked it. Clever.

What commercials have you thinking, “I need that!”?


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