Bye, Baby Blue

In a random move of semi-unplanned spontaneity, I sold my car on Monday. Yup. I put it on CraigsList Sunday night and it was sold by 5:00 on Monday. Weird, huh?

I’ve been researching and test-driving cars, and many dealers have told me that my car would be worth about $500 to them. I put in online for $2000 hoping to get $1000 at least. Fortunately for me, someone saw it and offered me a straight-up $2000. Fearing that I wouldn’t get an offer like this again, I just sold it.

Sean was in the middle of eating leftover Super Bowl pizza and the buyer asked to meet me at the mall in 20 minutes. Boom. I made Sean hurry up and eat, then come with me for the sale.

I’m arranging to get another car, but not until mid-March! Yikes! Sean and I have been carpooling for the past two days. It means we’re getting up at 5, but I think it’s worth it. I can’t wait to show you all pics of my new car when I get it!

I hope my Baby Blue is doing well with her new owners. Does it speak to my empathy that I genuinely feel like my old car will feel abandoned? Maybe I’m just crazy. I felt that way with the family van after I got the Kia, too.

Thanks for being such a good car, Blue. Sorry I yelled at you when you were feeling ill.

We’ll see. Hopefully this new car will last me the rest of my life, because car payments are sure to be my un-favorite sometime soon…


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