Homemade Rocket & Robot Valentines

Sean and I had super fun making these this weekend. Well, I did. He got stuck cutting everything. For the rockets, you need a candy that comes in a tube, a Hershey’s kiss, a mini-Reese’s cup, fancy paper, and hot glue. A tube of Rolos would have been perfect, but the only tube-candy the store had was mini M&Ms.

So you cut the paper to cover the tube of candy and glue it on (I used low-temp hot glue). On one end you glue the Kiss, point facing out. And on the other end, you glue the Reese’s cup with the narrow side in… So it looks like a rocket. If you want you can add flames & a cute rocket-themed saying.

Neato, right?

On to the Robots.

For these you need all kinds of scrapbooking papers, googly eyes, and mini candy bars. Cut small strips of paper that will cover the mini-candies’ wrappers. From there, cut out mini cards, arms, legs, heads, etc. Glue your paper-covered candy bar to the mini cards. That will be your robot’s body. From there, add legs, arms, etc. You can customize this one as much as you want! Here’s my finished product:

Double neato! I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Eve!

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