Lamesauce Valentine

Two weeks ago Sunday, Sean and I played soccer with our awesome Purple Hazers. Yeah, we lost, but I really hustled it out there and had so many chances at my New Year’s resolution of finally stepping up from midfield to score a goal. So many almosts.

However, I was MEGA sore afterward, and instead of chillaxing like I probably should have, I continued running, kickboxing, boxing, etc. I felt a little pull on Tuesday kickboxing. Then a little more on Wednesday. Then a little more on Thursday, but kept pushing. I figured if I took Friday off, it’d calm down.

Well, this past Sunday. I made Sean get out in the sub-30 degree temperatures to play again. He would have stayed home if I’d let him.

Can you tell Sean’s thrilled?

Anyway, Sean and I were warming up before the game and the first pass of the warm-up felt like my quad was ripping in half. I really want to spend my Valentine’s Day working out. Kikcboxing. Practicing Turbo Kick.

Instead, I’m supposed to be resting. Like a lamesaucefaceasaurus. Thankfully, some people know how to make it better. And maybe I’ll sneak into kickboxing anyway. Bwa ha ha ha!

I hope your Valentine’s Day is less lame than mine. (Note: I’m writing this the night before. Sean may have some great event planned. I’m not betting on it, but I’m not upset about it.) My coworker Kelsey sent me this hilarious Valentine. I wish it for you, too.


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