The Cat Saga Continues

Mitten Head has been the queen of unhappiness lately. At first, we thought she was just being a Gandhi cat, refusing to eat to protest British rule of India… Wait.

I was worried so on Wednesday morning I scheduled her an appointment for the afternoon. By the time Sean and I got home, her whole mouth was drenched in drool (a sign of mouth pain). She just wanted to be left alone, but we managed to shove her in the cat carrier with little fanfare. I think she was feeling too bad to fight, poor Mitten.

Reminder: Mitten Head has had all her teeth but her canines removed.

The vet takes her drooly self back and returns. Mitten’s little mouth is apparently on fire. There are still roots that neither she nor Sean’s uncle could see when they were removing teeth. So we were being referred to a feline dental specialist.

Sean and I have a referral in on Friday to go to UGA to have our cat’s mouth x-rayed and to determine another treatment plan. I hate this because it’s getting seriously expensive (we’re now foregoing our vacation this year to take care of Mitten’s mouth). But I wouldn’t want her to be in pain/going to the vet every two weeks (even though the vet is just down the road).

I’m grateful because who knows if they would have caught this early enough at the shelter if we hadn’t adopted her. And it’s not like she’s the most friendly cat around, so maybe they wouldn’t have even noticed until she’d stopped eating.

Hopefully this will be the last time we have to get serious treatment for her. I just want her to feel better and be the spunky, happy Mitten she was before. 😦

Wish us well.


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