10 Things About My Thursday (And Some Fun Stuff, Too)

1. I fell down the stairs on my way home from work. Landed on my hands and knees. Threw my keys in the air in the process. Then just sat there for a minute to fume. Because I’m an adult.

Pudge is a recovering addict.

2. I’ve had a lovely headache since about 10:00 A.M.

3. My kickboxing instructor made me be an example in class today. For the whole class. High impact. She said the next step is me leading a section. Gulp.

4. Mitten Head ate about 1/3 of a meal today. But she didn’t drench herself in drool, either. Progress?

5. I ate a Snickers ice cream bar. It was freakin’ heaven on earth. But it didn’t help my headache.

6. I made Sean really mad at me. But then he was unmad at me. I have that effect on people. I hope?

7. I wore pajamas to Publix (to get eggs and my heavenly Snickers bars).

Haters gonna hate.

8. My shins are so itchy. Is it winter? Or shin guards? Or shaving? I’m pretty sure I scratched all the skin off my legs today.

9. I’m probably going to go to bed before 9:00 P.M. I love sleep. Every day of the week.

10. My lower body feels like it may implode on itself. So. Sore.


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