11 Things for Wednesday

1. When you were 5 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A singer. Or an actress. You know, something unrealistic.

I'm ready for my close-up!

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Right now? I think New Zealand. There are SO MANY fun adventure-y things to do there. Hiking, biking, kayaking, scuba diving, bungee jumping, the list goes on. Endless!

3.  If you could go back to high school and revive one fashion trend, what would it be?

Bluh. I wasn’t exactly a fashion plate in high school. Hell, I’m not one now. I don’t even know what was fashionable back then. Turtlenecks, maybe?

4.  What is the weirdest food you have ever tried?

Probably something I ate in India. I had red cauliflower, pink carrots… You know, the crazy veggie works.

5.  If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy?

Depending on how much I won, I’d buy my mom a car. Pay off my soon to be car, maybe look into a house. Sean would make me invest some of it. And I’d give a little to some of my favorite organizations.

6.  A picture is worth 1000 words.  What’s your favorite?

I don’t really know. I suck this questionnaire, don’t I? Here are a few pictures I think are funny:

7.  If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Toast with jam. I ask Sean to make to for me every morning, and I even had it for dinner tonight. Because I’m an adult…

Oh hot damn, this is my jam.

8.  What is the one thing you wish your parents had let you do as a kid?

My mom never really kept me from doing anything I wanted to try (withing reason and safety). I’m ashamed to admit that I once attempted to try out for cheerleading, and she didn’t let me go back after the first day. While I’m grateful that I took up soccer (so much more rewarding for me), I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I’d become a cheerleader. Maybe my cynicism would be gone! Oh no!

9.  NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

*NSYNC totally. I was so in love with Lance Bass, the good guy… who turned out to be gay. More power to him.

10.  Favorite thing that happened in 2011.

Hmm, maybe when we added to hungry hippos our Mitteny family.

11.  What are you hoping for in 2012?

A French Bulldog. And good times. And happy kittens.


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