Happy March

Can you believe it’s already March? I mean, by the end of this month, we’ll be 1/4 through the year. By the middle of the year, I’ll have been at my job for a year (and it will have flown by). By September, we’ll have been in this apartment for two years. By October, we’ll have had Mitten Head for two years, and the hungry hippos for one whole year!

I woke up this morning (at 2am) to Pudge trying tr scratch my face off. Then he tried biting my face off. That cat. He’s totally my cat, which is great during daylight hours, but during the night… He’s cat Satan.

Scratching at the door. Meowing for food. Wanting to be loved on. He’s a needy little baby cat.

In other news… well there isn’t much news. I get my car this month so no more carpooling in April, wahoo! There’s March Madness which I’m not really interested in. St. Patrick’s Day, but I wear green pretty much every day, so no worries there. Women’s History Month… because women’s history (much like black history) isn’t American history and therefore needs a separate month to be honored. The ides of March, “Et tu, Brute?” Thanks for giving me the role Brutus in 10th grade English, Mr. Clabo.

It’s also

  • Music in Our Schools Month
  • National Craft Month (yes, please, an excuse to play on Pinterest)
  • National Frozen Food Month (Yuck. No matter what I try, it’s never good)
  • National Irish American Heritage Month (also known as St. Patrick’s Day, right?)
  • National Nutrition Month (Yum. Make
  • National Peanut Month (need peanut butter)
  • Poetry Month
  • Red Cross Month
  • Social Workers Month

Also, has anyone noticed how hard it is to put in contacts when you haven’t slept well the night before? Hello, eye burn.

After taking Mitten Head to the vet two times in six days, she’s started sneezing… Like she has a little kitty cold. Another trip? Dear wallet, sorry for putting my cat’s health above you. One day we can be friends again.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got. I’m about to go get my butt kicked in a Turbo Kick class with my “Mentor Instructor.” She calls me “Mini Me” because I’m a mini version of her. But she also calls me C-Pain. Because I’ll probably be in a lot of pain after she makes to do the high-impact version of the whole routine while she takes it easy. It’s all part of training, she says. Sigh. Tell that to my body the day after.  Yeeps.


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