Friday Sucked and Melatonin

It’s almost 10 o’clock on Saturday night, and while that means most people my age will be pre-gaming and sprucing themselves up for a night out on the ATL, it means I’m already in bed.

Also Tesla is sprawled out next to me. I’m having a hard time concentrating because I am trying melatonin for the first time tonight. Took 3mg at 9:30, and it has arrived. In my brain. I hope you’re enjoying this on Saturday because I’m too drunk (figuratively) to drive right now.

It’s like my eyes are trying to force themselves closed and my brain is fighting to shut down. It’s like your PC when there’s a thousand Windows updates and all it wants to do it get through update 7 of 35 so it can just be turned off already. This is my consciousness level right about now.

Tesla says hi.

Anyway, I hope this melatonin works because my brain is still spinning from the craptastic Friday I had. I spent most of the day oscillating between indignant and flustered, shocked and appalled, insulted and just plain pissed off. It made me reevaluate a few things that I thought I had figured out.

We’ll see where it leads me. For now, it’s leading me slowly and stumblingly to dreamland. Or at least drool-on-your-pillow snoozeland.

Happy Saturday! Maybe I’ll have some interesting news for you tomorrow.


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