The Lorax and The Hunger Games

My Sunday was pretty relaxed. Our soccer game was canceled because the fields are on a flood plain and still mush-tastic from yesterday. I know you’re thinking, “This is soccer! Who cares if they get a little muddy?” The association is more worried that the field won’t survive the beating with all the cleats tearing at the fragile sod.


That’s two games postponed so far this season. But it’s all for the best since Sean’s been sick since like Thursday. Gross-tastic. Poor guy.

My coworker Kelsey has been raving aboutThe Hunger Games and at first I didn’t want to be sucked in to any young adult fiction, but I just couldn’t help but be curious. I went out and bought the first book for $7 at Target and finished it all in one day. I love books like that. I could feel my heart racing as things got intense in the games, and really enjoyed it. It’s no Oscar Wilde or anything, but I enjoyed it. I kinda want to see the movie now, too!

Speaking of movies, Sean and I made it to the theater (even though he was ill, who loves me?) to seeThe Lorax. It was super cute, and while I’m pretty sure we were the only couple without kids, I still had fun. And Sean made it with no incidence.

Now we’re chilling on the couch with these kitties, in disbelief that it’s already almost Monday.

Happy Monday!


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