Whoa, Wednesday

Three major things happened yesterday. Ok, one major thing and two pseudo-major things.

1. Mitten Fitten had super-surgery, and all her remaining roots and canine teeth were removed. She’s officially a toothless kitty. And I feel horrible. I had to pick her up from the veterinary dentist in Alpharetta and had a hard time not blubbering like an idiot when they brought her out in her little carrier and she was covered in drool and little drops of blood. She was meowing and howling and growling. I sang to her all the way home, and she yelled at me. I know it’s in her best interest to remove all her teeth, but it’s just not fair and it seems so cruel. Hopefully this will be the final solution, though.

Sweet Baby Cat

2. I kicked butt at my triathlon training class. I was lapping people who had been taking the class since August. Bam! I know there are so many better swimmers than I am who have been triathloning forever and will kick my butt, but it feels good to do well in a class I was really worried about.

3. I somehow razored off the tip of my fingernail. It is surprisingly painful and makes it really hard to type. I was trying to hurry up in the shower and was moving toward hanging the razor back on the hook when I swiped my own hand with it. So smart. I starting wailing like an infant because blood just seems to run a little faster when you’re in the shower. It just looked creepy. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t impede typing too much tomorrow. Ya know, cause that’s my job.

Hi there

I just took melatonin for the second time. I fell asleep so quickly last time, and was so jacked up from my swimming and boxing classes that I figured a little un-pick-me-up wouldn’t hurt.


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