Random Saturday Thoughts

I tend to like random thought blogs, so here goes:

1. I think I have some sort of sleep disorder. I came home from work yesterday and slept from 5pm to 9pm. Woke up, got fro yo, then went back to bed like a champ. Is there some sort of sleep disorder where no amount of sleep sates your desire to climb back in bed and sleep some more? Honestly, at any point in my day if someone asked me if I wanted to lie down all snuggled up in a warm blanket and take a nap the answer would consistently be “Duh, of course.” Maybe it’s adulthood?

Or maybe I'm really a cat.

2. Does anyone have a good explanation as to why frozen yogurt is just so darn addicting? I mean, I get the same kind EVERY time and you’d think I’d get tired of it. We got it twice last weekend, and once last night. I wouldn’t mind going again. In fact, it’s sort of already in my Saturday agenda. Although, my Friday agenda didn’t quite turn out as planned…

3. Is anyone else’s skin mega-dry right now? No matter how much moisturizer (informally known as lotion) I slather (yes, slather) on my skin still stings and is getting flaky. I usually wear one lotion day and night (Neutrogena Oil Free SPF 20 lotion), but today I got a night lotion and a day lotion. I also use Eucerin extremely dry and flaky skin lotion around my eyes. I think it may have to do with the weather change and me starting to swim, although the dryness started before swimming. I’m sure the chlorine and sweat doesn’t help. Any ideas?

4. Daylight savings sucks. I don’t want to lose an hour of sleep. (see #1).

5. Happy weekend! The weather is wonderful here! Go outside, peeps!


One thought on “Random Saturday Thoughts

  1. Years of daily pool exposure have taught me: chlorine will definitely, definitely peel the skin off of your body and basically no amount of moisturizer is ever going to be able to really combat it…. So if you’re planning on swimming regularly from here on out, you might as well get used to being lizardy….

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