Saturday Plans

It was really hard not to repeat last Friday’s 4-hour nap. In fact, I started falling asleep before dinner was even finished yesterday. Yeeps. I tried to wake myself up around 7 or so, but was groggy all night, even for the weekly fro yo outing!

Sean even let me sleep in this morning (made it to 6:30!) and made me a bid, ol’ breakfast. WE went grocery shopping and are in bed reading now. It’s gloomy here, but I have an active day ahead so the rest-time is welcome. I’m trying to sneak into the Concourse Athletic Center to see the launch of the new TurboKick round. Then I have a soccer game at 3pm with a new league I’m signed up for. It’s always a little nerve-racking and exciting your first game with a new team.

In other news, Mitten Head seems to be doing a lot better. we got her some more pain meds at our vet last night and that has made a WORLD of difference. She had her surgery last Wednesday to have all her remaining roots and teeth (canines) removed. The veterinary dentist only gave us a few days worth of pain meds, and Mitten Head was obviously not doing well after those ran out.

She wasn’t cleaning herself; she wasn’t eating. She didn’t want anything to do with anyone (humans or other cats). But now she’s happy (and hungry) again. I love a happy Mitten. 🙂

Happy Saturday, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day, too!


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