The Hunger Games Trilogy

 As is typical with me, I don’t like to buy in to what everyone else is reading. I didn’t start theHarry Potter series until the first three books had already been published, and that was some of the best reading of my life.

The same situation was true with The Hunger Games trilogy. I’d heard people raving about it, but I didn’t want to partake in something everyone else was just because everyone else was. I’d heard there was a movie coming out, and that piqued my interest, but I still told myself I’d forgo the books & movie. The fact that it was categorized as young adult fiction didn’t help it’s case.

Until one of my coworkers, Kelsey, raved about it. She’d asked me if I’d read it. And if not, told me I needed to. So I did. See how easy it is to convince me of something. I went out and bought them that weekend and read the entire first book in one day.

Yes, it was young adult fiction (which was obvious in the painful explanation of what could have been clever metaphors, the awkward and frustrating naivete of the main character, and more), but it was still a fun read.

The story takes place in a future dystopia in which 12 districts are forced to submit to the will of “The Capital” including a yearly “Hunger Games” in which a boy and girl from each district are placed into an area to fight to the death. The winner is the last person standing.

The story is compelling, interesting, and fun. Yes fun. It’s an adventure the whole time, throughout all three books as we follow Katniss Everdeen, the girl who volunteered for the games to save her sister, turn into a pivotal figure in something much bigger than herself.

I think we can all relate and we all WANT to relate to the underdog, to the person the big guys never saw coming. The books are all easy reads: I read each one in a day’s time. Two in one weekend. It’s heavy stuff if you consider the implications, even for “young adults.”

I recommend these, though the books get a little less exciting (or more contrived) as the series goes on, if for nothing else than a good read.


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