Things that are happening

Sorry I’ve been MIA this past week. Things have just happened and by the time I should have written a blog, well, life has gotten the best of me. Last weekend I had 6 soccer games. Six. That really took it out of me. On Monday, I had my triathlon class and Tuesday I went to see the Hunger Games movie with my friend Kelsey. Wednesday was my last triathlon class + boxing. Thursday I taught another Turbo Kick warm up and worked late. Friday Sean and I went grocery shopping & picked up our race packets for The Color Run.

After The Color Run, I had 2 morning soccer games and one more in the afternoon. After that, I was worth nothing and slept from 7pm until 8am. 13 hours. Like a champ.

This morning, Sean and I made a big breakfast and then went for a morning walk down by the river. I saw someone else’s flowery porch and was inspired to go to Lowe’s and get our porch cleaned up. I bought some new flowers & swept up the dead leaves & pollen off the floor, chairs, & bikes. Now our porch looks springy and most definitely not covered in decay & pollen!

Sean and I just had a lunch of romaine salads, strawberries, and honey sesame cashews (the newest find from from Trader Joe’s!). Now to bask in the glory of my clean porch, and re-hang the curtain the cats pulled down. 😐 Those evil cats!


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