Seven Things – Recipes and Thoughts

1. It’s Easter week which means… Next week is another great time to buy candy half off! It’s like Valentine’s Day all over again, except everything is bunny-shaped instead of heart-shaped.

2. I feel like I can never get enough sleep. My friend Amy mentioned that it probably has something to do with my triathlon training on top of my normal stuff. Even though, my normal stuff has even picked up (read: six soccer games in two days, one race & four soccer games in two day). Can we just have another day free for just sleep?

3. I know it’s time to start spring cleaning, but I really would rather sleep instead. Do you guys think I should just hire a maid for a weekend to do it for me? Does that make me lazy? S/he can come while I’m at one of my five-thousand weekend soccer games.

4. Cadbury eggs (not the creme eggs or the caramel-filled kind) are addictive and delicious. Thanks a lot, Kelsey, for getting me hooked.

Click the pic for the original recipe!

5. I started readingThe Virgin Suicides but guess I was a little burnt out on reading since I read four books in the past three weeks. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be another one of those books that I read halfway through, then forget because I’m too distracted by something else.

6. Did you think of something fun to do for April Fools Day? I didn’t. Well, I did, but then I fell asleep at 7pm Saturday night, and didn’t wake up until 8am the next morning, which made it hard to execute my plan. Sigh. Maybe next year. I’ve never been a good April Fooler.

7. I’m currently browsing Pinterest for recipe ideas. What looks good so far? Lemon cheesecake squares. Top those with some fresh strawberries or raspberries. Drool. Lemon raspberry muffins. Meyer lemon bars. Baked lime pudding cake. Lemon creme crepes. I see a theme appearing.

Click the pic for original recipe!

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