Weekend Leftovers

While the weekend always flies by compared to two regular weekdays, I still had a lot of fun. Here’s a play by play, sort of.

1. First soccer game at 8:30 Saturday morning. My team won. Hoorah! The game started off cold and wet (couldn’t feel my fingers) and ended up sweaty and wet and dirty and muddy. But that’s how you know it was good. It was a fun game. I love playing those–where both teams are in it to have fun instead of smatter each other all over the field and one leave a villianous victor. I think it’s because this team is on the rec league, and people are more about having a good experience than racking up points.

2. My mom and her friends Deborah and Lee came to my second game. We lost that one, but only by one measly point! It was one of those games that wasn’t too fun to play. People played mean. One guy pulled me down by my shirt when we were both going for the ball. It’s stuff like that that makes it no fun. It’s also no fun to lose.

3. Sean and I tried Mediterranean food for the first time. It was pretty good. We split a felafel plate which had a weird pickle salad that I took one bite of and quit. It also had some yellow squiggly rice that was pretty bland, so I put it in my felafel pita along with some of the best hummus I’ve ever had. Sean and I tried hummus before, and it was pretty lackluster. But the hummus from this place was delicious! We’ll have to find a replica somewhere in a store.

Ha ha! Don't tell Sean this is up here!

4. My mama came down from TN for Easter. It was nice to just hang out. We didn’t do much but sit outside on the porch, enjoy the weather, and talk. The cats didn’t even wake her up.

5. Also we spent Easter getting my nose pierced. We’re very traditional, you know.

It's actually on the right, but my phone turns everything around...

6. I made the Mexican Sweet Potato Skins. While everyone ate theirs, it’s not something I’ll make again. No one was thrilled about eating it.


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