Firstly, have you had IKEA cinnamon rolls? When Sean and I first moved to Atlanta, our friends Deb and Lee said, “If you go to IKEA, you HAVE to try the cinnamon rolls.” So we did. And they are a 3 zillion calorie delight. I was thinking about them on my way home from my boxing class last night. I miss you, IKEA cinnamon rolls. Drool.

In other news, while I was in the shower, Sean and I were discussing what we wanted to do with our lives, and we’ve both decided we’ve sort of reached a point of stagnation. You know? When you’re just getting up, going to work, mindlessly making it through your day, not paying attention to what you’re eating for dinner, not remembering the conversations you had, until you end up n bed thinking, “I have to do the same thing again tomorrow?”

How do you combat that? Try new hobbies? Be more self-aware? Pay more attention to those around you? Look for a new apartment for a change of scenery?

For now, I just feel a little stagnant. Blah.


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