Wolrd Cup Soccer in the ATL

This weekend was a nice combination of busy and relaxing. Saturday started off with two soccer games. I got my foot crunched in that one which has resulted in a nice bruise across the top of my right foot, my kicking foot. So along with a completely black toenail (that still hasn’t fallen off), I’ve got a sweet swollen bruise to show off. Sometimes my soccer leagues make me feel like a BAMF.

The first rule of fight club...

After that, Sean and I went grocery shopping, and I took a nap (story of my life) before my next soccer game. That soccer game was CRAZY! It’s in the rec league (not competitive like our other leagues), so people are generally more chill. But one guy was off his rocker. He got tripped accidentally and went bat-sh*t crazy on the guy that was defending the goal:

“I’ll f***ing kill you after the game.”

“It’s you and me, buddy. Wait till the ref leaves..”

“F*** you!” On repeat.


He ended up getting a red card and being kicked out of the game. On his way out he sped down the entrance drive and burned out his tires. Real mature.

Afterward the ref said, “Someone needs to give that guys a hug… But I don’t want to do it.” We all laughed. It’s always a little weird when rec league soccer turns into the World Cup. I mean, come on, guys. There’s no prize for winning the season.


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