Bad Form

Last night I went to the YMCA to “Swim & Spin” as I like to call it. I go to the pool, warm up, swim my tri length, swim a few extra laps, cool down, and then head straight to the spin class at 7:35. My triathlon class was super nice because I’m pretty sure I was more athletic than a lot of people, and it felt like I was making good time and doing well.

When I swim on my own, I feel like that person who just started and all the experts are always acting like it’s a hassle to swim with me. Because, well, I did just start. And they are a lot faster. The same way it’s hard to teach kickboxing to someone who’s a little clueless.

In college, I used to go to cycling classes at least twice a week. I became pretty good at stationary bicycling (who brags about that?), and had built up my endurance. After I moved to Georgia, it was hard to find a gym like my Tennessee one, so my fitness routine had to change. I’m not as into spin classes now, but am taking them 1. to train for my triathlon and 2. to mix up my workout routine.

No matter when I go to this cycling class there’s always at least one person with really bad form. Now, I’m not claiming to be a spin expert, but I know a few things. And number one on my super list is never to do this:


You can’t steer a real bicycle that way, why do you lie down on your bike in class? Argh! It shouldn’t bother me as much, but when you’re leaning forward like that, it can’t be good for your back, especially if you’re climbing.

Proper form is always important no matter what form of exercise you’re using to workout. Don’t slack on form just because you’re tired. When I’m exhausted, I’d rather slack on intensity or weight before I injure myself from bad form!


2 thoughts on “Bad Form

  1. That isn’t bad form on the spin bike. It is the modified cross-aero position. Pretty common out here on the West Coast. You can save 3-5 seconds on an Olympic distance ride, and up to 10 seconds on a half IM ride in that position

    1. Thanks for the insight. The picture isn’t a perfect example of the bad form I’m describing, but maybe the woman I’m berating is really a professional, and I just don’t know it. 🙂

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