Let’s talk about life

1. Whole Foods brand Honey Nut Cheerios are magnificent. How could I go my whole life without this Cheerios knock off? Mind if I have a bowl for breakfast, dinner, and after-workout snack? Ok, then, sayonara almond milk supply.

2. Which reminds me, I’m skipping my Wednesday night workout. It’s not like I did anything extra awesome last night (1.5 soccer games), but I am just not feeling it. Who knows? I still have time to go after I write this blog. I may head out just for the sake of heading out and sweating. But I have a strong inclination that sleeping will win me over. I’ll about “you never regret a workout, you always regret not going,” but I foresee some sloppy working out in my future. Maybe I’ll just lift some weights at home and then head to bed at 7. Sounds like a plan.

Quit being lazy and go sweat!

3. I finally got into Pottermore, the Harry Potter-land website. I got sorted into Gryffindor. I’ve never been more disappointed. I’m most obviously a Ravenclaw. I quit Pottermore for the night after that.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Off to sleep, perhaps.


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