If You Don’t Have Something Nice to Say…

You know how the rest of this goes. I’ve always tried to live by this adage. In fact, when I was in India, I was inspired by the people at the ashram who were in 10, 15, 30, 60, etc day vows of silence. Can you imagine what it’d be like to be left to your own thoughts for two whole months? Some people there had been silent even longer. There’d be no singing, no laughter. Straight contemplation 100% of the time. It’d be hard (especially for me), but it would make you value the communication you do have.

I’ve never been able to control my mouth. Diarrhea of the mouth (gag) as my middle school band teacher once said. Where many people have an assembly line between the brain and the mouth, where thoughts slowly and carefully make their way to the mouth, stopping along the way to be checked and inspected before moving on–that doesn’t exist for me. The transportation from brain to mouth is like a water slide for me. Once they’re on track to be blurted out, it’s really hard to stop them.

Recently, though, I’ve been trying to control what I say in person and in writing. It may result in a more reserved-seeming Carolyn, but the truth is, I’m trying to living by the adage used in this post title. I’ve done this before and quickly forgotten about my pledge to myself, which I’m not saying won’t happen again. But I am trying to be more careful with what I let come from my mouth. It’s like the toothpaste you can’t get back into the tube.

I’m the type of person who’s quick to judge and slow to think of other’s feelings. I don’t know how I got this way, but it’s something I’m considering about myself.

What are you contemplating this Friday? How can you help make the world a more peaceful place?

One thought on “If You Don’t Have Something Nice to Say…

  1. Oh Mrs. Mckay… I too try to live by this. It goes hand-in-hand with Ephesians 4:29, 31-32. When I read that it helps motivate me to watch what I say. Good luck to you, because I too know how hard it can be at times!

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