Sat and Sun

No! How is the weekend over already? Mine was pretty busy, but I had some time to relax, too (and write this blog). So let’s recap:


Wake up early, eat random breakfast. Head to first soccer game of the day (8am).

Only 5 people show up on our team. Play anyway. Lose 7-3. Carolyn gets taken out 3 (count ’em, three) times.

Head to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Publix for grocery shopping.

Go home, eat a lunch of snacks. Take a dirty nap (why shower when you have another soccer game later in the day?).

Head out to next soccer game(s). Sean agrees to come along to watch.

Team wins! Hooray! On to the next round of playoffs. Which starts right after the first game.

Play third game of the day, regret eating only snacks for lunch.

Three minutes left in game, get toe crunched off by jerk who called me a “smart ass” earlier in the game.

Drive home from game with crunched toe since Sean forgot his wallet.

Eat roasted tomatoes with Parmesan. Drool.

Chill out, complain a little, head to bed avec ice. Ice, baby.



Wake up early, make a big breakfast. (Skip Sunday run in favor of letting yesterday’s injuries heal!)

Head to theater to see new Disney documentary, “Chimpanzee;” totally worth the $12!

Drive to Target to look for book for Sean.

Take cars to Car Spa for thorough wash inside and out.

Try to go shopping at the mall. Pseudo-fight breaks out near the entrance.

Talk to grandma while I walk around mall.

Leave with nothing (classic Carolyn).


So now here I am, sitting on the couch considering a 3pm lunch on Sunday. Maybe I’ll just have breakfast again. Man, I wish weekends lasted longer.


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