Sunday Runday

Sean and I are celebrating my birthday today. It’s really tomorrow, but it’s a Monday and I have to work. We started the morning with a leisurely run at Cochran Shoals. And there was SO much to see!

This pic is from my Thanksgiving 2011 run!

Firstly, guess who made a semi-clothed appearance on the trail today? Twig-Boobs! And she was wearing a shirt. No pants, though. She was running solo, none of her million guy friends to check her out while she’s speeding down the trail.

Sean and I also saw a mama duck with two little ducklings floating along in a pond by the trail. At first it was just the mama, then one little duckling swam out from under the bridge and then another.

While we were running, Sean almost got run-over by a biker. It was totally Sean’s fault. He had his music so loud in the headphones that he didn’t even hear me yell, “Watch out!” when the bike man came up behind him. See, there was a group of 3 older adults on a narrow part of trail, and Sean was running far left to psss them. The biker man had the same idea, though. I apologized to the bike man and once he got around Sean said, “Turn your music down!!!” He didn’t like that and ran ahead of me for a while, but it could have been bad news bears.

And what would this Purrito do without Sean?

After our run, we came home and had a lovely breakfast. Man I love breakfast. So far I’ve had it three times this weekend. I’m addicted.

Now we’re getting ready to head to the shooting range for the first birthday event. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I guessed it last week (as I am wont to do). So Sean has already given me a lesson on his pistols and the rules of the range we’re going to. Wish me luck. More updates on my “birthday” tomorrow… Which is my actual birthday. 🙂

Glad to spend my faux-birthday with this guy!

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