Thanks, Mom!

Twenty-four years ago today my mom brought me into the world (with no drugs, BAMF!). I was born in a room full of flowers and love and total awesomeness. Read Chapter 3 of my thesis if you want an idea. 🙂

Thanks, mom, for being so flipping awesome. If it weren’t for you, I’d never be here today!

Sean and I celebrated my birthday yesterday. He had a whole day planned, and it was super-sweet and super-nice. His birthday is in about two weeks, but I couldn’t wait that long, so we exchanged presents like Christmas-birthdays.

We started the morning with a great run. It wasn’t hot and humid yet, and the trail just felt good. We took a pretty comfortable pace, and then headed home for a big ol’ breakfast. Sauteed onions and potatoes, scrambled eggs with mozzarella, and toast with butter and jam. I like to let the butter get all melty before I slather the jam on. Yum-a-licious!

After that, Sean and I headed to the Sandy Springs gun range. I’ve been telling Sean I want to go for a while, and my inexperience showed in the range. The cartridges kept getting stuck every time I shot. Apparently it was the way I was holding the gun and the fact that I have twig-wrists and couldn’t hold it still when it recoiled. Ashamed girl moment. At least my Accu-Man died a slow painful death from shots in the gut.

From there, we headed to the theater to see the movie “The Five-Year Engagement.” Can we all agree that Jason Segel is hilarious? Because I think he is.

After the movie, Sean and I headed to a yummy Mexican restaurant and met my friend Kelsey. I gorged myself on salsa and veggie fajitas enough so that I needed a nap afterwards.

We came home and exchanged gifts and took a little nap. When we got up, Sean had a final surprise waiting for me: ICE CREAM CAKE! The best kind of cake. Who needs real cake when there’s ice cream cake? It was delicious, and he even went out of his way to get this hilarious cake design.

After that we went for a walk, and now we’re just chilling out, getting ready for Monday. Oh, Monday, it’d be better if you waited a while.


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