Finally Friday and News

Man, Friday is the best, right? Ok, I’ll cut right to the chase, the reason you’re here.

I got a new job! Yup, that’s right a little less than a year after establishing myself as an actual writer, I’ve moved on to a bigger company as a copywriter. I’ll be doing less article-like writing and more press releases, websites, mailers, email newsletters, etc. It’s financial marketing, so I’m a little behind the curve when it comes to knowing what exactly I’m writing about, but I’m a pretty quick learner.

Things at my other job have been going downhill for a while. Something… unprofessional occurred back in March, and I wrote a sentence about it in this post. That set off a little firestorm in which I was asked to remove it. To censor myself. On my own blog, where I vent about everything from people not sharing the running trail to Sean being a jerk. I responded with the Fahrenheit 451 post the next day. Since then, things had been icy.

I’ve never worked in a place in which I was treated so unprofessionally. Even in college. Heck, even when I was an RA. I also hated that I couldn’t share my feelings with you guys. You offer a lot of good advice on life in general.

So here’s to a new beginning. My new job is with a bigger company, so there’s more potential for me to learn, be challenged, and even advance!

Wish me luck!


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