Purple Haze

While I’ve spent this season complaining about how many soccer games I have a week, the truth is I really love the game. I feel like I appreciate it more now than I did in high school when I spent every day either practicing or playing a game.

Tuesday the good old Purple Haze had a game. It was later, but a surprising number of players showed up. This is great for us considering the past few games we’ve played with as little as five people. Five versus either is never a fun or fair game.

Yesterday, though, it was good, fun soccer how it’s supposed to be.

We tied with zeros, but some of the plays were excellent. The ref seemed to call everything against our team, but we still managed to fend them away from the goal, and their defense did the same.

I love soccer when it’s played well, when it’s played fair, and when people are in it to play a good game.


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