Five Minutes till Bomb Time

Have you ever seen the old, old version on War of the Worlds? Not the Tom Cruise one, but the one from 1953! While the weird robot aliens are attacking, the army is preparing to attack, and a guy comes over the intercom at an army base and says, “Five minutes till bomb time!” My mom and I crack up every time we hear it because… Did they really say “bomb time” back then? Ha ha ha!

Anyway, the point of this post is that I’m only FIVE whole days away from my triathlon! Can you believe it? I feel really underprepared, same as with my half marathon last year. It’s too late to turn back now. (Well, it was actually too late the minute I signed up because it’s non-refundable.) I hope I have a good experience and want to do more tris.

I got the race packet, and there is SO MUCH information. The transition area opens at 4:30am on Sunday, but my wave doesn’t start until 7:40. Yikes. It’s going to be a loooooooong morning. I think a humongous nap will be in order Sunday afternoon. I may just never wake up.

The part I’m most nervous about (besides forgetting something at the transitions) is the bike. I run all the time and have been swimming a good amount, but haven’t trained as well for the bike. You think I would have been all over that since it’s almost 20 miles… the longest leg of the race, but apparently I just wasn’t up to it. That, and heading to Nebraska for the weekend really threw off my training plan. The hours at my new job are still really long, so training in the evenings is hard. And getting up super-early to swim or run is also pretty difficult.

Tonight I’m heading to swim the tri length (maybe more?) and then blow off some steam at one of my favorite classes–boxing!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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