Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was totally the best ever. I need more 3-day weekend to get as much in as I got in this Memorial Day weekend.

Friday afternoon I came home from work and slept from 6pm-1am. I got up, took a shower, and went back to bed until 6:30 Saturday morning. Best. Sleep. Ever. Sean and I went grocery shopping on Saturday and then I headed to kickboxing at the swanky Concourse Athletic Club. My friend and fellow Turbo Kick instructor helped me sneak in. Sean and I headed to REI and got the best summer gear: kayaks (and the rack to put it on Sean’s car).

For dinner, I made a pretty tasty stir fry (onions, carrots, celery, baby broccoli, sweet corn, kale, and edamame), and we headed to bed early.

Sunday we went running and had breakfast at a new bagel place down the road. I got a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter and a delicious iced mocha. I love coffee. We cleaned the apartment and then headed to the river. I parked my car (which is still rackless) at the planned “get out” location, and Sean drove the kayaks to the put in. We went up-river a little and then paddled our way down. It would have been a lot better (and a lot easier) if there weren’t hundreds of (sometimes intoxicated) people tubing in groups of like 40! Geez!

I even helped an abandoned swimmer make it back to his tube island of friends! Because I’m so very nice.

After kayaking, Sean and I helped the same friend who sneaked me into the fancy athletic club move into her new apartment. It was a swanky studio in downtown. It’s where cool people live. We got some fro yo on the way home because that’s how I roll.

Monday we got up to celebrate Memorial Day with a big breakfast (my fave!) and laundry (my un-fave!). Then we figured out how to hook up this old bike rack to my car. Sean’s dad gave it to us when we moved. And it worked! We loaded our bikes and headed to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield for their Memorial Day activities. We watched a cool artillery demonstration, a local ROTC demonstration, viewed the museum and even hiked the mountain.

Check out the cannon demonstration below. All the babies started crying before the shot was even fired–like they knew in advance–eerie. You can also watch me jump in surprise at something I knew was coming. Because I’m totally cool. 🙂

We had a picnic at the park and then were told that there were no bike trails nearby. So we took our bikes back home!

After a walk by the river and an all-American (vegetarian style) dinner of two-bean sloppy joes, broccoli cole slaw, baked beans, and corn on the cob (with a Virgil’s root beer), we headed out to the trails to ride our bikes!

On the way home it started pouring! Sean and I raced home, which of course meant I slid on the muddy trail and fell off the bike twice. Because I’m awesome. Once I even fell into a giant run-off because I didn’t look ridiculous enough already. You should have seen Sean run to come get me. What a hero! 😛

For dessert we had Trader Joe’s vanilla bean ice cream (to die for) and watched Sunday’s episode of Mad Men. It was one of the saddest and most infuriating yet. No spoilers here, but wowzas! Can’t wait to see next week’s episode!

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was just as relaxing/fun! Here’s to a short work week? Happy Tuesday!


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