I’m Back to Blogging! (And Complaining)

Happy June and Happy Friday!

Oh my gosh. If there was a worst blogger in the world award–I would win it. Things have been hectic… a little. And I have been tired… a lot. After the awesome Memorial Day weekend, there didn’t seem to be much to write about.

But the truth is that I’ve just been a slacker when it comes to blogging. And exercising. And life outside of work. Remember my, “What is Success?” post? Well, I’ve been failing at the work/life balance as of recent. I just get home and am too exhausted to do anything. This has led to many a night of bad moods just because I can’t get myself motivated blow off some steam and sweat. Working out is my mental health medicine.

And I HATE that feeling when you’ve been slacking on running, swimming, kickboxing, etc. and when your start back up again … it’s hard. I tried to get back into my swimming routine after work yesterday, and it was just plain slow. The fact that my goggles broke didn’t help. It was a sad workout to say the least. Then when I got here, Sean and I went for a run to and through the park. That was like torture. It was like my body was cement blocks.

I read once that heavier people may feel badly about their bodies because there’s more to be exposed and vulnerable. This may seem off topic, but it’s hard not to have body issues when you’ve seen yourself perform so well only to have to feel like an iron giant during a quick 4-miler. I need to get my workout groove back so I can feel like myself again. So I can feel comfortable in my own clothes and in my own body.

I want running to be fun. I want to feel the accomplishment after a swim. I want the after-kickboxing success feeling. And it hasn’t been there recently.

I need some real-life motivation!


One thought on “I’m Back to Blogging! (And Complaining)

  1. Carolyn you try to hard you need to relax a little, stop being so hard on yourself, you look great and you have life by the butt. Enjoy it before you are old like me!!

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