A New Day

Yesterday was not my best day. I went to work with all the best intentions, but felt standoffish as soon as I arrived. Maybe that was a sign I was destined for a cranky day.

From there, things just got worse (for me). I felt like I was being pulled in a million different directions, and that no one was happy with the work I was putting out. Nothing is more disappointing than feeling like others are disappointed in what you’re doing.

When I got home yesterday (late!), I went for a punishing run by myself. And I felt SO much better afterward. Sometimes you just need to exercise off some steam.

Today, I’m choosing to wipe my slate clean and pretend yesterday didn’t happen the way it did. No use dwelling in the past on things you can’t change. I can only try harder today!

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Be kind. Be humble. Be willing to learn. Accept your mistakes. Apologize when necessary. And do your very best today, no matter what you’re doing.


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