I Love Fridaze

Every Monday, it feels like Friday is an eternity away. But when it finally gets here, you’re like, “Oh em gee! My life flashed before my eyes and Friz-eye-diz-ay is heeeere!”

Last night I got stuck at CVS when they couldn’t figure out my insurance and wanted to charge me $95 for a $25 prescription. I sat there for an hour, starving my face off and suffering the nasty-ass schmoozing of some Hotlanta guido who was picking up some needle for his Diabetic neighbor (a likely story) before heading out for some sushi and “hittin’ a few clubz.”

By the time I left I was about to die from lack of food in my body (what’s up, hypoglycemia?) so I picked up some Dove chocolates. Also I’m in some “girl tiemz” so I’ve been craving chocolate like it’s going out of style all. day. long.

Soooooo. I ate about half the bag in the car on the way home even though CVS is literally 2 minutes from our apartment. And then I ate the dinner Sean made for me last night but I didn’t get home in time to eat. And then I ate the rest of the Dove chocolates. The end. best story ever, right?

But Thursday night is technically Friday, so… that was my weekend indulgence.

Until I get fro yo with the graphic designers at lunch today! 🙂


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