What’s Going On?

It’s been a rainy few days here in Atlanta. It started on Saturday night and is still going strong on Tuesday morning. The beginning of this week has been extra hard for me for some reason. I went running yesterday morning at 6am for about 5 miles. I felt good afterward, but then had a hard time getting myself together to leave in time. I barely made it for the 8:30am staff meeting at work.

Then, as soon as I got to my desk, it was like a cloud of exhaustion just planted itself all around me. I had a really hard time focusing on anything. I felt like I really did nothing at work yesterday. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m still exhausted from the triathlon on Saturday or if it’s the rain. I spent all of Sunday lounging around the house and eating. I ate a lot.

I also spent a lot of time looking up recipes on Pinterest and then failing to make what was in the pictures. Ew. I hate that.

On a totally different subject, did anyone out there watch the Mad Men season finale? It didn’t seem like much of a finale beside the weird open ending. Will Don cheat? Is Megan super unhappy? Will Betty be a character again (other than the fat, unhappy divorced lady)?

Inquiring minds cannot wait until next season.

Inquiring minds would also like to go back to bed…


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