Morning Run

There were so many inspiring things on my morning run at the park today. Today I saw

> a breathtaking black and blue butterfly the size of my fist which Google tells me was probably a Pipevine Swallowtail.

> a soft-looking, fluffy bunny hopping alongside me. I think he was trying to run away, but we kept the same path!

> three cardinals! All one day vying to become Pope.

> a vibrantly blue bird. No, not a bluebird. Google says that maybe it’s an Indigo Bunting. He was cute and almost iridescent. He flew right in front of me, wishing me a good day.

> two Wishbone dogs! You know? The little wiry-haired terriers? They were so well-behaved. I need a jog-dog!

> families running together! I saw mothers, fathers, daughters, kids, etc. all getting up early to run as a family. Who knew? If I ever have kids, I hope that’s something we could enjoy as a family.

Happy Wednesday! One day closer to the weekend!


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