Yesterday was great, until…

I got punched and kicked in the face at my boxing class. It’s a bag class, but sometimes things get out of hand. It was completely an accident and half my fault, too, probably.

The YMCA is serious business about people getting hit in the head. They wouldn’t let me drive home. Instead I had to wait for the instructor (who also happens to be my friend) to drive me home. Sean and I got up at 5 this morning to drive to the YMCA to get my car.

The results are a pretty bad fat lip (maybe I should have seen if I needed stitches?), and a little welt on the left side of my face. It’s pretty hot. In fact, my lip looks like I had a bad Restylane injection. The real issue is the headache I’ve had all night and so far all morning. No amount of aspirin has been able to quell the throbbing.

Oh well, at least it’s not a concussion!

Happy Thursday!


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