Listful Thinking

1. Every blogger whose blog I am reading is either pregnant or just now has a kid. It’s getting annoying. Stop procreating people.

2. My favorite frozen yogurt place has a new (limited time, sad face) flavor: oatmeal cookie. I mixed it with vanilla bean and caramel coffee and added Oreos and peanuts. Heaven in a paper bowl.

3. Sean took my our for fro yo because it’s been hard to eat solid foods with my big, floppy fat lip and my bruise mustache.

4. You read that correctly. I’m moustachioed with a giant-ass face bruise. It’s pretty hot. People at my work have been calling me baby fish mouth.

No, this isn’t my pouty face. It’s my real-life face.

5. People at my work were seriously concerned that Sean was the cause of my bruised up face. I assure you he wasn’t. In fact, after it happened, I couldn’t get a hold of him for like 30 minutes. After that time, my boxing instructor had already volunteered to take me home since the YMCA is serious biz about head injuries.

6. Pudge has a biting problem. When he wants attention, he bites things. Any things. The window treatments. Door frames (yes there’s a chunk out of the door frame…). Electrical cords. Humans. Yup, he bites those too.

No, that’s not a shadow. That’s my mustache bruise.

7. It’s finally Friday, mothah-cluckers!


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