25 or 6 to 4

I was going to title this blog “Saturday in the park” like the Chicago song (and also because we ran in the park this morning), but then I realized that I title WAY too many of my blogs after the day, which makes them a little vague and also maybe a tad predictable?

So to clear things up for you… not… I entitled this blog after a different Chicago song. Now it all makes sense.

Sean and I went for a nice short 3.3 mile jog this morning at the park. The one day I wanted to show off my little Indigo Bunting friend, he doesn’t show up for the 6am run. can you believe that bird?

After the run, we went to the new bagel shop down the road. I was tricked into buying two bagels… but I wasn’t tricked into eating them both. No, I made that decision consciously.

I had a cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese (Sean had many a bite, too!), and a cinnamon sugar bagel with buttah. See I ordered the raisin one, and while he was making it, the cinnamon sugars came out of the over. Who can resist a warm cinnamon sugar bagel? I can’t resist a warm cinnamon sugar anything. So I got (and ate) two bagels.

Because I’m always making great decisions.

We came home to chillax for a minute before Sean had to go take his next-to-last test for his Microsoft Server certification. One more test tomorrow afternoon, and he’s done with computer boot camp! Then I headed to the totally awesome Subaru place to get my oil changed. When you have their Gold member coverage, they treat you like Subaru royalty. They offered me coffee (which I dutifully resisted), snacks, tours around the new cars, information on kayak racks for my car, etc. I paid $0 for my oil change and maintenance check-up, and then they opened the building door for me. And then they opened my car door for me. And then they fed me caviar… Ok, that last part was an exaggeration. I just love the people there, and it was only my first oil change!

Doc Holliday for President

Go to Subaru of Kennesaw. They are totally awesomesauce.

Anyway, I’m getting ready for my Saturday soccer game, and who knows what else the day will hold!

Happy weekend, everyone!


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