Start the Day Off Right

My day always starts better when I consciously think about my attitude. I have to tell myself that today, I will be positive. I’ll try my hardest to understand what others are going through, and not judge them based on my assumptions (that last part is hard for me).

Here’s some random listing because it’s Tuesday morning:

1. Sean treats my like I’m flipping royalty. I don’ know what my life would be like without him. We took a long walk on Sunday evening, and it was glorious. And he said something like, “If I died, you’d eventually move on.” I know this is logically true since humans are resilient creatures and we eventually come to accept the death of people we love after it happens. But I would not be able to function without Sean. I would lie in bed all day and mope until I wither away and evaporate. I’ll need someone to come feed my cats in case that happens.

Sorry to take a positive and make it so morbid…

2. I’ve rediscovered Pinterest with a vengeance. I am pinning the heck out of recipes, clothes, pets, home decor, and everything else under the sun. It’s making me a little depressed because I don’t actually have a house to do all these things in. I can’t hang pictures or make curtains or paint things. But with time it will come. I need to stop being so greedy and start being thankful!

3. I’ve also re-started keeping track of what I eat. I’ve been going crazy with the food recently. Coming home and snacking until dinner, then eating even more after that. I’m using MyFitnessPal to track things like calories, protein, etc. It’s been really helpful so far in knowing when it’s ok to splurge on fro yo, and when I should run a few extra miles.

Happy Tuesday! I hope your day is filled with respect, love, and compassion.


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