It’s Sunday Already?

Sorry for falling off the radar there for a minute. This week’s been a little hectic, but still pretty fun.

Last weekend I had soccer games and Sean and I even went on an early morning kayaking trip. It was beautiful being on the river before the crazy drunken tubers. Those guys really know how to be annoying.

Monday was a typical day. Started off with a 5 mile run to the park and back, a day at work, and a dinner at home before crashing in bed.

Tuesday was the same except I substituted an early-morning run, for a late-evening soccer game. 8pm games just wipe me out, man. I am ready for bed after that!

Wednesday was a little mix up in the routine as Sean and I went to see Aziz Ansari. He was hilarious. I haven’t been to see many comedians, but his stand-up was great. I recommend his show to everyone.

Thursday was a morning run and a day at work.

And Friday Sean left to visit his grandparents in Kentucky. So I had all evening to myself.

Saturday was more soccer games and a great visit with friends from my old job.

And Sunday is here already! Sean’s on his way back right now, and we’re planning on seeing Brave and taking a trip down the river in our lovely kayaks. If only weekends lasted longer…


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